Structural Integrity and Reliability of Advanced Materials obtained through additive Manufacturing


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1st Workshop on

Structural Integrity of

Additively Manufactured Materials



Polytechnical University of Timisoara (UPT)


Timisoara, Romania, 25-26 Febrary 2021


the Workshop will be held in presence & online



Workshop chairmen:

Prof. Liviu Marsavina - Univ. Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

Prof. Roberto Brighenti - Univ. of Parma, Italy

Prof. Filippo Berto - Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech., Norway 




The workshop on Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials (SIAMM20) to be held in Timisoara, 25-26 Feb. 2021, is one of the main activities of the European Twinning Project SIRAMM, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020, H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-03 under the grant agreement No. 857124.




For more info contact the Project staff: SIRAMM.Twin@gmail.com



Workshop leaflet




About the workshop



The general aim of the workshop is to promote international collaboration and share the current knowledge on the structural integrity of additively manufactured materials and the related disciplines. Of particular interest is the understanding of the role of the AM printing conditions and parameters on the final reliability and safety of AM materials, especially those to be used in load bearing applications.

The workshop is open to any contribution addressing the problem of characterizing AM materials for traditional as well as for advanced applications in a broad range of technological fields such as biomechanics, electronics, engineered materials, metamaterials, etc.


Presentations addressing the following topics are particularly welcome:

- AM and 3D printing technology

- Fatigue of AM materials

- Simulation of AM processes

- Structural integrity assessment of AM materials

- Testing of AM materials

- Theoretical and numerical models for AM materials


All materials are concerned, particularly: metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, gel, biomaterials, sintered materials




The workshop will be held at the

Univ. Politehnica Timisoara (UPT), Central Library

4 Bulevardul Vasile Parvan, Timisoara, Romania





Registration & submission of abstracts:  31 January 2021

Confirmation to Authors:                      15 February 2021

Submission of papers:                          31 March    2021

Preliminary Program:                             20 February 2021



The participation to the workshop is free!


Book of Abstracts, journal publication and Coffee breaks are included!


A limited number of places is available (~max. 80).


The selection process for participating to the Workshop will be based on the participant's country, with a preference for east European countries.

Participation of PhDs, post-docs and young researchers as well as women will be especially preferred.


For more info contact the Project staff: SIRAMM.Twin@gmail.com




Authors will be invited to submit their papers for publication in a peer reviewed special issue of the Journal (open access, indexed in SCOPUS):


  Material Design & Processing Communications (Wiley)


Scientific committee

- F. Auricchio, University of Pavia, Italy

- A. Grbovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

- E. Linul, Univ. Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

- L. Nahlik, Institute of Physics of Materials Brno, Czech Republic

- R. M. Negru, Univ. Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

- A. Sedmak, University of Belgrade, Serbia

- D. A. Șerban, Polytechnical Univ. of Timisoara, Romania

- A. Spagnoli, University of Parma, Italy

- D. I. Stoia, Univ. Politehnica Timisoara, Romania 


Winter school

Winter school on:


Trends on Additive Manufacturing for Engineering Applications


at the Polytechnical Univ. of Timisoara (UPT), Romania,

25-29 Jan. 2021.


The participation to the summer school is free (max ~30 places).

For more info, contact the Project staff: SIRAMM.Twin@gmail.com 



In Timisoara there are plenty of possibilities for accommodation.

Please refer to http://hoteltimisoara.ro/ for more info.

Affordable accommodation are provided by the UPT hotels:


- Casa Casa Politehnicii 1



- Casa Casa Politehnicii 2



- Hotel Perla http://hotelperla.ro/ 



(conference office)

For registration & info please send an email to:

Prof. Liviu Marsavina: liviu.marsavina@upt.ro

University Politehnica Timisoara,

Department of Mechanics and Strength of Materials

Blvd. M. Viteazu, No. 1, Timisoara 300222, Romania


or to the SIRAMM staff: SIRAMM.Twin@gmail.com 


In the message please indicate your institution, your country and if you are a PhD student, a post-doc, a researcher, ....






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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020

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